Kiyoshi Kurosawa
키요시 구로사와

Date of birth:July 19, 1955

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About Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Born in Kobe in 1965, Kiyoshi Kurosawa started his film career making 8mm films in high school. His first 8mm short, Shigarami, was selected for the 1981 PIA Film Festival. In the early 1980’s, he worked as assistant for directors such as Shinji Somai. In 1983, he made his feature debut with Kandagawa Wars. His films include Cure(1997), License To Live(1998) and Charisma

Loft (2009)

Tokyo Sonata (2009)

Reincarnation (2006)

Bright Future (2004)

Seance (2004)

Doppelganger (2003)

Kairo (2001)

Charisma (1999)

Barren Illusion (1999)

Cure (1997)

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