Napakprapa Nakprasit
나팍프라파 낙프라시트

Date of birth:April 19, 1980

About Napakprapa Nakprasit
Name : Ms. Napakprapa Nakprasit
Nickname : Ma-Mhee
Birthday : April 19, 1980
Siblings : 4th child out of 6 children
Height : 170 cms.
Weight : 47 kgs.
Education : A sophomore, majoring Computer
Past Achievements : Cat Walk Model, Modeling
Film (s) : Maebia
Favorite Singers : Masha Wattanapanich (Thai singer)
Favorite Stars : Chamaiporn Chaturaput, Methinee Kingpayom
Hobbies : Yoga, cooking
Collections : Thai sarong, Thai silk
Motto : Don't say what have not done

Maebia (2001)
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