Russell Crowe
矾伎 农肺快

Date of birth:April 07, 1964
Country:New Zealand

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About Russell Crowe
Born in New Zealand, Russell has made his home in Australia since he was a small child. The son of movie set caterers, Russell got the acting bug early in life. Beginning as a child star on a local Australian TV show Russell's first big break came with two films ... the first, Romper Stomper gained him a name throughout the film community in Australia and the neighboring countries. The second, The Sum of Us helped put him on the American map, so to speak. Sharon Stone heard of him from Romper Stomper and wanted him for her film, The Quick and the Dead. But filming on The Sum of Us had already begun. Sharon is reported to have held up shooting until she had her gunslinger-Crowe, for her film. With The Quick and the Dead under his belt as his first American film the second was offered to him soon after. Virtuosity, starring Denzel Washington, put Russell in the body of a Virtual Serial Killer, Sid6.7 ... a role unlike any he had played so far. Virtuosity, a Sci-Fi extravaganza, was a fun film and, again, opened the door to even more American offers. L.A. Confidential, Russell's third American film, brought him the US fame and attention that his fans have felt he deserved all along. Missing the Oscar nod this time around he didn't seem deterred and signed to do his first film with The Walt Disney Company, Mystery Alaska.

Gladiator (2000)

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