Save the Family TV Series  (2015)
가족을 지켜라
Starring: Jae Hee(a), Kim Byul(a), Jeong Hye-In
Director:Jeon Seong-Hong
Genre:TV, Drama, Family
Country:South Korea

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About Save the Family TV Series
Broadcast: 2015.05.11~2015.10.30
Episodes: 123

Woo-Jin (Jae Hee) is an ambitious doctor. After he failed in love, he no longer believes in true love. He views marriage as just a business. Hae-Soo (Kang Byul) works as an assistant chef. She dreams of getting married to the right man and having a family. Woo-Jin soon falls in love with Hae-Soo. He comes into conflict with love and ambition.

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