Madame Mist  (1971)
Starring: Shin Seong-Il, Yun Jeong-Hee(a)
Director:Park Jong-Ho(a)
Production:Seki Trading
Country:South Korea

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About Madame Mist
Nam Jeong-Wu who takes care of her children studying in Seoul, goes to the city of M to meet her husband Kim Sae-Chan by train, on which she gets to know a man named Han Sang-Hyeon. Witnessing her husband's adultery, Jeong-Wu, desperate, makes love with Sang-Hyeon on the Island of Heuksan, which is seen by Sang-Hyun's wife and Young-Ho who attended the same school as hers. Blackmailed by Young-Ho, she is forced to sleep with him. Her husband comes to know this, and expels her from home, which results in her committing suicide.

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