Baby-faced Beauty TV Series  (2011)

Also Known As: Dongahn Mi Nyeo, Babyface Beauty, Youthful Beauty, Pretty Young Woman
Starring: Jang Nara, Choi Daniel, Ryu Jin(a)
Director:Lee Jin-Seo(b), Lee So-Yeon(b)
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance, Comedy
Country:South Korea

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About Baby-faced Beauty TV Series
Broadcast: May 2, 2011 ~ June 28, 2011
Episodes: 20

2011 KBS Drama Awards:
Excellence Award for Mini Series, Actor (Choi Daniel)
Excellence Award for Mini Series, Actress (Jang Na Ra)

"Baby-faced Beauty" is a romantic-comedy centered around a 34-year-old woman with a babyface as she works to become a fashion designer and overcomes obstacles like having only having a high school diploma and a bad credit history.

Most girls who are 34, they are either married or very successful in their field. However, all Soyoung has is a troublesome family, morass of poverty, a poor academic background and a baby face inherited from her dad. When you are young, you dream big. She, wanted to be a world famous designer, applied for the nation's top reputed design school and got accepted. However, because of some complicated family matters, she has to give up on her dream school.

Instead, she goes to a textile institute and graduate there at the top of her class. Moreover, her dexterity allows her to make simple clothes for herself. When economy worsened, she gets fired from a company she worked at for 13 years because of her age. Soyoung lies about her age to get a job at the top textile company! There, she meets Choi Jinwook who finds older women unattractive. Jinwook, not knowing Soyoung is 6 years older than him, is becoming fond of her..
The story of Lee So Young, a 34-year-old woman whos saddled with family debt and only has a high school
Qualifications, but dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Her youthful appearance is her only advantage; she is
Mistaken for a 25-year-old university graduate and subsequently lands her dream job when shes hired by a fashion
Design company, where she meets Choi Jin Wook, a man who looks more mature than his young age.
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