Precious Family TV Series  (2004)

Also Known As: To My Parents, Bumonim Jeonsangseo, Letters to the Parents
Starring: Kim Hee-Ae, Jang Hyeon-Seong, Song Seon-Mi
Director:Jeong Eul-Young
Genre:TV, Drama, Family
Country:South Korea

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About Precious Family TV Series
Broadcast: October 16, 2004 ~ June 5, 2005
Total 68 episodes

Despite a marked individuality of each of them, the members of the family resemble each other in that they are all good-natured. This drama is a story about a good-natured family whose members endure hardships, love each other, and live a virtuous life...

These days, many parents seek divorce and abandon their children carelessly. But here is a woman who manages to maintain her married life with difficulty raising an autistic son alone, whom his own father has given up.

"Precious Family" is a woman's story that awakens us to how precious and important the home is and what is the meaning of the married life.

The drama focuses specifically on the reality in which the father may choose to take responsibility for his son, but the mother has no choice but to fulfill her duty as a parent.
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