Hello Baby TV Series  (2007)
! ֱ⾾

Also Known As: Hello! Baby, Hello! Miss, Hello! My Lady
Starring: Lee Da-Hae, Lee Jee-Hoon, Ha Seok-Jin
Director:Lee Min-Hong
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Production:Olive Nine
Country:South Korea

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About Hello Baby TV Series
On Air: 19.3.2007 ~ 8.5.2007
Hwa Ahn Dang owner, Soo Ha (Lee Da Hae), is trying to save the place from being bankrupt. She meets Dong Gyu (Lee Ji Hoon) and Chang Min (Ha Suk Jin), the grandsons of a wealthy man, who had worked for a long time at Hwa Ahn Dang before. Together with a crazy woman's daughter 'Hwa Ran', they get involve in a dangerous love story... This drama is adapted from the novel, "Kimchi Mandu."
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