Highway Star  (2007)

Also Known As: Mask Dalho
Starring: Cha Tae-Hyeon, Im Chae-Mu, Lee So-Yeon(a)
Director:Kim Sang-Chan, Kim Hyeon-Su(b)
Genre:Comedy, Romance, Drama, Musical
Production:Studio 2.0, In&In Pictures
Distribution:Studio 2.0
Country:South Korea

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About Highway Star
Aspiring rocker Bong Dal-ho (Cha Tae hyun) dreams of becoming a new star in future, but in reality he makes a living working as a snack hawker at a night club. When small-time recording company's producer Mr. Jang (Im Chae mu) is attracted by Dal-ho's voice and offers him a contract he eagerly grabs the opportunity, believing that his time to rock has finally come. However, Dal-ho later found out that the record company is only producing Trot music.

Due to the contract confinement, he was forced to become a Trot singer and accepts Sparta training to start his Big Voice Plan. Dal-ho participates in a singing contest with the stage name of Bong Feel. For some reason, he has to perform on stage with a mask. Unexpectedly his mysterious appearance hits the good responses from the audiences and he turns out to be the King of Trot in a sudden. Consequently, he was forced to endure the pressure and envious - the girl who makes him realize his passion towards Trot music is staying away from him and is facing the biggest challenge from his opponent at the same time. Is Dal-ho able to overcome the entire predicament? Can he defend his position as the mysterious King of Trot?
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