Hallelujah  (1997)
Starring: Park Jung-Hun, Lee Jenny, Choi Jong-Won
Director:Shin Seung-Su
Genre:Comedy, Satire
Production:Taewon Entertainment
Distribution:Korea Image Investment and Devemopment
Country:South Korea

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DVD $34.98
VCD $19.98

About Hallelujah
Yang Deok-Keon, a swindler, finds an interesting letter in the purse of a reverend, a victim of traffic accident. The letter says if one comes with this letter, he or she can receives 100 million won as settling fund of newly founded church. Deok-Keon assumes the air of the clergymen to go to the church instead of the real clergyman who is still unconscious in hospital. However 100 million won of easy money can't come to him with ease. The church authority demands him to help for 2 weeks on behalf of the church's clergyman who is in America on business. Thus Deok-Keon shows real face of the fake clergyman to get the money dashing this side and rushing that

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