Chilsoo and Mansoo  (1988)
艦熱諦 虜熱

Also Known As: Chilsu and Mansu
Starring: Ahn Seong-Gi, Park Jung-Hun, Bae Jong-Ok
Director:Park Gwang-Su(a)
Genre:Drama, Society
Production:Dong-A Exports
Country:South Korea

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About Chilsoo and Mansoo
Chil-Su, who comes from Dongducheo, is talented with a painting. He is waiting for the invitation of his sister in America, but he quits his job as a painter in a theater. He works as an assistant for Man-Su who suffers from his father, who is serving his sentence. The college student Ji-Na leaves Chil-Su behind and his sister in America do not make contact with him any more. One night Chil-Su and Man-Su, who are in despair, finish working of signboard and then do mischief on an advertising tower. In this moment, the police arrive there, because they consider that they are going to commit suicide. Finally, Man-Su falls down and Chil-Su is arrested by the police.