Heavenly Homecoming to Stars  (1974)
별들의 고향
Starring: Ahn In-Suk, Shin Seong-Il, Yun Il-Bong
Director:Lee Jang-Ho(a)
Production:Hwa Chun Trading
Country:South Korea

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About Heavenly Homecoming to Stars
Kyeong-A, deserted by her first love, marries to a mid-aged man Lee An-Jun as a second wife after recovering from her pain. But she divorces him too because she was pregnant before. She begins to drink and degrades to the status of a barmaid by Dong-Hyeok. Later she meets Mun-Oh a painter and they start to live together. However Mun-Oh leaves her due to her serious alcoholism and self-torture. On a snowy day the next year, a young woman is found dead and she is Kyeong-A. That is a scream of a city that trampled down a naive and good-natured woman's life.

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