Black Rose in Shanghai  (1971)
상해의 불나비
Starring: Kim Hee-Ra, Mun Hee
Director:Byeon Jang-Ho
Production:Dong Yang Films
Country:South Korea

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About Black Rose in Shanghai
Shanghai Jang looks for No Kang-Cheon and Hwang Tak who stole the bars of gold which belonged to Korean Independence army. When he found their den, they had already died and there were black roses on their bodies, and Seol-Hee, a beautiful girl, was there. Seol-Hee's lover Hun finds out that Seol-Hee is the Black Rose who killed No Kang-Cheon and his wife. It turned out that Hun loved the Black Rose whom he wanted to arrest. Shanghai Jang cries out when he finds out that Seol-Hee is his daughter separated 20 years ago.

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