Attack the Gas Station  (1999)
주유소 습격사건

Also Known As: Raid on Gas Station
Starring: Yu Oh-Seong, Kang Seong-Jin, Yoo Ji-Tae
Director:Kim Sang-Jin
Genre:Comedy, Action
Production:Fun & Happiness
Distribution:Cinema Service
Country:South Korea

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About Attack the Gas Station
'No Mark' is a self-styled basketball genius. 'Ddan Dda Ra' always says that death is better than no music. 'Ppaint' is devoted his whole life to nude drawing. 'Mu Dae Po' is ignorant and thus, strong. These men suddenly raid a gas station late at night, stopping eating noodle. There is no reason! That's just because the gas station is there. The president of gas station is blinded by money. An employee, 'Keon Pang' is opportunitical and quick-witted. 'San Nim' is simple-minded. A woman employee 'Kkal Chee' is sexy and attractive. A shocking accident happens to them. When No Mark and the others attack on the gas station, there is no money in its cash register. They determine to exchange oil for cash by holding customers in hostage. In other words, they fill up customer's car with oil whether they cost 1000 won or 10000 won for it and just receive all the money. Policemen, a deliveryman, gang, high schooler.... They rush to the gas station by turns. Unimaginable raid on the gas station starts.
Four guys are siting around in a convenience store eating some ramen soup. Looking for something to do, one of them says " Lets Attack the Gas Station again ". The 4 guys rush a corner gas station, which they robbed weeks before; they find the cash register nearly empty. While holding the staff out of sight a customer comes to the gas station, after getting paid for the gas they decide to take the whole gas station hostage and pump gas for personal profit. The night is only starting and there is a lot in store for our would-be gas station attendants.
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