Moon Is....Sun's Dream  (1992)
달은 해가 꾸는 꿈
Starring: Lee Seung-Cheol, Na Hyeon-Hee, Song Seung-Hwan(a)
Director:Park Chan-Wook
Genre:Drama, Action, Romance
Country:South Korea

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About Moon Is....Sun's Dream
Ha-Young and Mu-Hun are half brothers. Ha-Young is brought up in rich circumstance while Mu-Hun grows as a good-for-nothing fellow in Pusan. Mu-Hun is detected while he is making secret love with Eun-Ju, the boss' mistress. Then they run away with 5 million won of the gang's fund. But as they came to be caught by the boss, Mu-Hun escapes only with money. Eun-Ju goes to the brothel in retaliation of the boss. While Eun-Ju is caught in a camera of Ha-Young who takes fashion photos in daytime and documentary pictures of brothel at night. As he sees this, Mu-Hun saves Eun-Ju. Ha-Young advises her to be a model. Meanwhile the gang of Pusan threatens Mu-Hun. Without carrying out boss' order to kill Man-Su, his fellow, Mu-Hun gets injured while he is running away. Mu-Hun kills boss and he is dying too asking Eun-Ju...
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